Plant Base Omega3 Comparison

โอเมก้า3 จากพืช

Eating oils loaded with omega 6 can abnormally alter our tissue saturation which then creates an inflammatory process throughout our entire body.

Ideally, we should have a tissue saturation ratio of one omega 3 to three omega 6 (1:3). Eating processed vegetable oils high in omega 6 has caused the ratio to balloon out to 1:30 in the modern western diet and is a major cause of inflammation and heart disease.

Here’s what to do;

Χ   AVOID oils high in omega 6 and introduce oils that have a more ideal omega 3:6 ratio.

Χ   We do not recommend Flaxseed oil as it has a propensity to be unstable, rancid and potentially harmful to health.

  • The best omega 3 oil for optimal health is either Cold-pressed Sacha Inchi or Chia Seed oil. Eat these oils daily to help correct the omega 3:6 balance.
  • Olive oil and Hemp seed oil can also be used as it does not contain much omega 3 and 6, therefore will not aggravate the problem further.

The table below will show you a quick and easy comparison of the most common omega 3 oils available.

Ranked for health 
Sacha Inchi Extra Virgin Oil

Flaxseed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Chia Seed Extra Virgin Oil
Essential Fatty Acid Profile Omega 3 – 56 %

Omega 6 – 24 %

Omega 9 – 8 %

Omega 3 – 55 %

Omega 6 – 20 %

Omega 9 – 13 %

Omega 3 – 18 %

Omega 6 – 55 %

Omega 9 – 11 %

Omega 3 – 56 %

Omega 6 – 17 %

Omega 9 –  6 %

Antioxidant Rating High in naturally occurring antioxidants including all 8 factors of vitamin E as well as vitamin A. Low in Antioxidants.

Flaxseed oil is easily oxidized and rapidly becomes rancid unless refrigerated.

Even when kept under cool conditions, it may have a shelf life of only a few weeks.

Take care when an unpleasant odour is detected. Rancid oils can cause cancer.

Low to moderate levels of antioxidants. Contains some beneficial amounts of vitamin E. Moderate levels of antioxidants.
Stability at room Temp. 2 years Few weeks 18 months

Refrigerate once open

2 years
Rancidity Factor Very Stable High Rancidity Medium-High Rancidity Low Rancidity
Other Uses Excellent Face and Body Oil (high in vitamin E) Traditionally used as a furniture polish. Good face and body oil when used fresh. Excellent Face and Body Oil. Very mild and pleasant smell which vanishes as soon as you put it on.
Traditional Use Inca and pre Incan staple food to current day. Skin tonic and ancient cosmetic. Not used by any ancient culture as a food. Some use in Europe in the middle ages but more traditionally used to treat wood. Historically used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other cultures. Used by the Aztec since pre-Columbian times as a very important food source.
Omega 3-6 Ratio

Above ideal ratio.

Above ideal ratio.

Ideal omega 3 and omega 6 ration.

Above ideal ratio.

Reference: Plant-Based Omega 3 Oils Comparison | Matakana superfoods

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